2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Employee Copyrighted Material Guidelines

Oklahoma Baptist Uniersity expects its employees to adhere strictly to the laws governing the use of copyrighted material, whether such material be printed, recorded, or distributed through some other electronic media. Both the faculty and the officers of the institution are responsible for assuring that material: University property and used by University personnel;

  1. sold in the bookstore;
  2. purchased for the library;
  3. placed on library reserve;
  4. placed on computers owned by and/or housed on University property and used by University personnel;
  5. broadcast, reproduced, or played by University personnel using University owned equipment;
  6. or reproduced for classroom use complies with copyright law.

Copyrighted material reproduced for classroom use and distributed to students through the bookstore or by the instructor in the classroom, whether or not those materials have been reproduced on campus, must (a) be legally in the public domain; or (b) have been granted specific copyright permission (and any fee assessed must have been duly paid); or (c) have been granted general copyright permission; or (d) comply with the doctrine of “fair use” as defined in section 107 of H.R. 2223 of the Federal Copyright Law revision of 1978.

University personnel working in the University copy center, the computer center and computer laboratories, the language lab, the listening lab, the media center, and the Learning Center, as well as the deans of the schools and colleges, have been instructed to insure that the University is in compliance with copyright law. If a faculty member finds that he/she disagrees with a decision made by one of these employees concerning the printing, copying, or distribution of materials, he/she may appeal the decision to the chief academic officer.

Bookstore personnel are under contract to Barnes and Noble and invoke their policies regarding materials which may be sold through the University Bookstore. Appeals are managed through the Barnes and Noble copyright clearance center.

See Appendix F for a summary of the rights of faculty as regards copyrighted material.