2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 23, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ESL Bridge Program

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ESL Bridge Program Summary

The ESL Bridge is a transitional program that allows non-native English speaking and/or international students with a minimum pre-existing level of English language proficiency to enroll first semester in a program of study in OBU’s undergraduate program. Through the ESL Bridge students pursue a split model of undergraduate coursework, taking ESL classes that will count toward their language requirement or program electives while also enrolling in additional appropriate undergraduate coursework. These advanced level ESL classes will aid students in improving their academic English proficiency, so that they may be successful in the traditional undergraduate higher education environment.

Admission Requirements:

Admission of students into the ESL Bridge at Oklahoma Baptist University is designed to assist non-native speakers of English to transition to and be successful in a higher education environment. The student is eligible for ESL Bridge admissions under the following:

  1. The student is at least 17 years old and has completed his/her high school education.
  2. The student’s first language is not English.
  3. The student has a TOEFL score of 61 or higher but below the required score of 71 for regular undergraduate admission.

To apply, complete and submit the Application for International Students and designate on the application the desire to be enrolled in the ESL Bridge. Also, submit all supplemental material including TOEFL score and high school transcripts. As an international student, the applicant will also need to submit the International Financial Guarantee. Upon completion of all admission paperwork and acceptance to the program, OBU will send the applicant an I-20 form and information about obtaining the F-1 student visa. Other forms the applicant will need to complete are as follows: a housing application, student health form, and immunization record.

TOEFL Requirement - IBT 61

All students in the ESL Bridge must have a TOEFL IBT score of at least 61. Since the ESL Bridge is a one-year, for-credit transitional program within our undergraduate degree program, the student needs to demonstrate a level of English proficiency that would enable him or her to be successful in taking advanced level ESL classes, as well as undergraduate electives and required undergraduate courses.


Visit www.ets.org/portal/site/ets and www.toefl.org

ESL Bridge Requirements for Continuing in OBU’s Undergraduate Degree Program

An ESL Bridge student may continue in the Oklahoma Baptist University undergraduate program, if the following criteria is met:

  1. Student has regularly attended and completed all ESL classes with an 80% or higher.
  2. Student has passed any undergraduate electives that he or she has taken.
  3. Student has completed any classes required toward his or her major with 80% or higher in those classes.

Financial Information

Since the ESL Bridge Program is a traditional credit offering at OBU, the tuition is equal to that of undergraduate tuition. ESL Bridge students are earning regular undergraduate credit toward their degree completion and are fully part of the undergraduate program at OBU.

Structure of ESL Bridge

The ESL Bridge is a credit-bearing, one-year program that is integrated within OBU’s undergraduate curriculum. A student enrolled in the ESL Bridge will follow the structure outlined below: 

Semester 1 -
  ESL Bridge Reading - 3 credits
  ESL Bridge Speaking and Listening - 3 credits
  ESL Bridge Writing - 3 credits
  Elective - 3 credits
Semester 2 -
  ESL Bridge Advanced Writing - 3 credits
  Undergraduate coursework - 9 credits

Course Descriptions

ESL Bridge Reading - This course focuses on helping international students to adjust to the reading demands that are a core part of higher education. Students learn how to do essential academic reading tasks such as skimming, scanning, recognizing the main idea, and understanding vocabulary in context. Students are challenged to go deeper in their ability to read college-level academic texts at a faster pace and to understand their meaning.

ESL Bridge Speaking and Listening - This course focuses on enabling international students to develop their speaking and listening skills in line with the kinds of tasks that will be asked of them in other undergraduate classes. Students will learn how to effectively listen to a lecture, take notes, and grasp the key ideas being communicated. Students will also grow in their ability to do common university speaking tasks such as expressing opinions in group discussions and doing oral presentations.

ESL Bridge Writing - This course focuses on developing international students’ ability to write cohesive and coherent paragraphs and essays in English. It also highlights the types of writing assignments that they will face in the university setting. This course also focuses on students’ correct use of grammar and helps them to see the unique aspects of English writing style in the university context.

ESL Bridge Advanced Writing - This course focuses on equipping international students for the composition classes that they will be taking. It includes emphases on library research, writing a research paper, academic integrity, and referencing the sources that were used. This course serves as a foundation for the English classes that students will take throughout their time in university.

Program Requirements

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